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Not For Sale: Removing The Physical Scars Of Human Trafficking | BY TIM DARNELL

An Atlanta-based nonprofit is helping the victims of trafficking, drug and sexual abuse, and self-harm remove the marks of their ordeals.

ATLANTA, GA — Nikky* remembers the exact day and time — and the drugs and alcohol involved — when she got her gang tattoo, a black pitchfork on her ankle that was embedded into her skin with a needle and thread. Then she became a victim of human trafficking.

“I had kept the tattoo hidden for years and then when I was trafficked I had to keep it hidden because they were gang members and if they noticed, I knew I would be in big trouble,” Nikky says today. “And when I escaped my trafficker and going through my recovery program, I had to keep it covered up, because this was a well-known gang and had gained a lot of rivals…