Meet the Founder

Jessica Lamb

Founder of Atlanta Redemption Ink

Jessica has always had a heart for outreach and local missions. When she was younger, her passion for creativity won her state awards for the arts, best female vocal artist, and writing recognition. At the age of 15, things took a downward turn. After battling through  sexual abuse, being exploitated, and addiction – she was able to rise from the ashes.

In the Spring of 2017, Atlanta Redemption Ink began its mission to help survivors of sex trafficking, former gang members, self-harmers, and those in addiction recovery.

Jessica serves on the board of Alliance of Survivor Care  works on several survivor advisory boards and is an active volunteer with local non-profits who work with individuals in the sex industry and those transitioning out of active addiction. Jessica has built a team of more than 24 tattoo artists & removal specialists in the state of GA, as well as 12 additional providers across the nation that have a passion for ARI's mission. She offers training to tattoo shops and tattoo removal specialists to help recognize and serve individuals who have suffered from mental health, trafficking, and addiction recovery. She has also created a network of shops that became Georgia's first Safe Place sites for at-risk youth. Atlanta Redemption Ink has had the honor of serving survivors from Georgia to California through reputable shops and certified tattoo removal specialists.

Through her story and compassion for others, Jessica hopes to be a beacon of hope to those she serves. She is a firm believer in allowing voices of survivors to be heard and no longer silenced.

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