Meet the Founder

Jessica Lamb

Founder of Atlanta Redemption Ink

Jessica is the Founder and Executive Director of ARI.  She serves as a survivor's voice on advisory boards,  CJCC Georgia Human Trafficking Task Force, and aids in advising Anti Trafficking coalitions.  Jessica trains law enforcement, local organizations, the tattoo industry, and medical personnel on trafficking brandings (tattoos), gang tattoos, and breaking stigmas of mental health and addiction.

As the Founder of ARI, Jessica has built an extensive team of tattoo artists & removal specialists across the United States that have a passion for ARI's mission.  Jessica has created a network of shops that became Georgia's first National Safe Place sites for at-risk youth.  ARI has had the honor of serving survivors from Georgia to California through reputable service providers and specialists.

In 2018, her team launched "Beyond Ink" which provides trauma-informed counseling, high school diplomas, life coaching, job readiness referrals, and safe housing referral to those in A.R.I in Georgia.

  As a survivor of DMST and overcomer of many obstacles along the way to healing,  Jessica brings a survivor's perspective knowledge and is a  firm believer in survivors using their voices to speak out and not be silenced.

Outside of ARI, Jessica is a Georgia native, digital artist, and mother.