The Citizen: Rockdale & Newton Counties | Survivors show hope and restoration through art

Survivors Show Hope and Restoration through Art | By Larry Stanford CONYERS – Atlanta Redemption Ink (ARI) hosted a unique afternoon of hope and restoration through the arts on Saturday. The event, held at (e)station on Commercial Street in Conyers, featured a variety of artistic media done by survivors of sex trafficking, former self-harmers, recovered …

Atlanta Journal Constitution (AJC)

Atlanta nonprofit helps remove symbols of pain for trauma survivors | Sheila Poole “Many people get tattoos for more joyous occasions. They might put the names or images of their children or a lover. Perhaps they have a beloved hobby or favorite saying, a religious symbol or flag. In some cases, though tattoos can represent …

Gainesville Times

Flowery Branch tattoo shop & Atlanta Redemption Ink helping survivors cover painful past| Nick Watson Branded with the initials of her abusive ex on her calf, she thought the mark would never be covered up, living on her body forever. The only thing left aside from emotional scars is something they have to look at …

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Erasing symbols of hate: Atlanta Redemption Ink helps people get racist tattoos covered ATLANTA — A local non-profit known in the community for helping sex-trafficking survivors cover up scars of the past is also doing its part to erase the hate associated with racist tattoos. Atlanta Redemption Ink is working with local tattoo artists to …

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Fresh ink, fresh start: Nonprofit helps people cover up past mistakes with new tattoos Sometimes physical pain is well worth the emotional relief. For a sex trafficking survivor, who did not want to be identified, getting the tattoo on the back her leg that says “Daddy’s Girl” covered up, the impact goes much further than …

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Atlanta Redemption Ink harnesses the talents of area tattoo artists to summon hope, recovery and transformation for sex trafficking survivors, former gang members and those in the midst of self-harm … READ MORE

Dressember: The Art of Removal and Restoration

What if the worst moments of your life were depicted in a single mark on your body, forever etched onto your skin? Perhaps you were able to escape the abuse you endured physically, however, the physical manifestation of it on your body prevents you from escaping its wrath psychologically. This predicament haunts those who have …

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Founder and Executive Director, Jessica Lamb joins Award Winning Speaker and Comedian Lisa Mills to talk about Atlanta Redemption Ink. WATCH HERE

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Jessica Lamb is changing lives one tattoo at a time through Atlanta Redemption Ink. I was honored to have some time with Jessica on this show to talk about her journey, what she’s doing, and most importantly, how we can help protect future generations from sexual abuse and sex trafficking. Listen on: Apple Podcasts Spotify