Survivor Application

Eligibility Requirements for Tattoo Cover Ups and Removals

All applications are screened-& reviewed monthly.

  • Cover-ups/removals must be related to what’s in the category, no exceptions.
  • Applicant must be involved in some form of recovery, addiction treatment or safety program for at least 3 months.
  • Self harm free for a minimum of one year and in active recovery (required by artists to give time for scars to heal)
  • We do not do domestic violence covers/removals.
  • In regards to track marks covers: need to be one year sober to allow scarring to heal.
  • Letter of recommendation/referral is required – this letter cannot be from a spouse or family member. Must be from a counselor, pastor, court system, probation officer or program.
  • Application will close once 10 entries have been received for each month.

Not following these requirements and filling out the application entirely will result as an incomplete application & no call back.