Erasing symbols of hate: Atlanta Redemption Ink helps people get racist tattoos covered

ATLANTA — A local non-profit known in the community for helping sex-trafficking survivors cover up scars of the past is also doing its part to erase the hate associated with racist tattoos.

Atlanta Redemption Ink is working with local tattoo artists to cover-up hateful tattoos for free.

“It’s a transformation from the inside out,” said Jessica Lamb, Founder of Atlanta Redemption Ink.

“When someone comes to us with a tattoo rooted in racism and says ‘I was wrong, I’m not that person anymore and I want to reflect that on the outside,’ it’s encouraging to see,” she said.

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Crystal Boyd owns Pür Ink Tattoos & Piercings in Alpharetta. Boyd is one of several local artists working with Atlanta Redemption Ink to do the free cover-ups.

“It was a different time in her life and now she is embarrassed by it,” said Boyd. “It doesn’t represent what she thinks or feels.”