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Atlanta redemption ink

Overcomers have received life changing services since 2017

This year...

Overcomers have received life changing services
trainings have been conducted around the country
Overcomers have completed their high school diplomas

What we do

Our heart behind this mission is helping survivors from all backgrounds add another piece to rebuilding their lives. With just a few hours spent with our trusted providers and the impact of our Beyond Ink Program, we hope to provide individuals renewed hope and helping them rewrite their stories from the inside, out. We want to champion and elevate survivors to shatter glass ceilings and use THEIR voices to speak out.

Our mission

ARI's mission is to transform painful reminders of the past into symbols of hope. We provide support services, tattoo removals, and cover-ups to survivors of sex trafficking, commercial sexual exploitation, self-harm, addiction, and former gang involvement, nationally. In addition, we train communities on Iconography and from a lived experience perspective as a survivor-led nonprofit organization.

Transformations Through the Beyond Ink Program

Facial Tattoo Removal
Trafficking Tattoo Cover Up
Tattoo Cover Up from Exploitation
DW/Waco, TX
Gang Tattoo Removal
Sex Trafficking Cover Up
Covington, GA
Erasing Hate Tattoo - Cover Up
Atlanta, GA