Young Man’s Self Harm cover

this young gentleman is flourishing in his recovery program and a soon to be graduate. We are so excited to see the steps he is taking in his journey. Thank you Jesse of ICI

Drug Marking Cover

This beautiful young mom is walking in her recovery and freedom. She had this cover done by Shane. What used to stand for “Dope Kid Enterprises” Not represents roots that are planted and hope flourishing.

In Bloom

This amazing survivor covered some painful reminders of the past with these sunflowers from Jackie Rabbit in California.


In her own words…  (trafficking survivor -minor) “There is hope rather you believe it or not!! The scars and marks they put on our bodies are not us/ours- we are beautiful, strong and inspirational… we are important!! I AM ENOUGH!! WE ARE ENOUGH!!

New Chapter

Thank you James of of Gate City Tattoo for giving hope and covering a painful past on this beautiful overcomer.

New Day, New Strength

SO thankful for my redeemer. Thankful for this new life. So thankful for the support of friends who supported me through this.  Just so thankful. If anyone tries to tell you that people cant change, introduce them to me. My existence alone proves them wrong. 2 Corinthians 5:17. Thank you to the artist (Crystal B […]