Jessica Lamb

Jessica has always had a heart for outreach and local missions.  She won state awards for the arts, female vocalist, and poetry. At the age of 15 things took a turn Jessica was being sexually abused by a "friend" of the family.  This led to a downward spiral of self-harm and she started experimenting with drugs.  After being told by a teacher she was a helpless cause, Jessica dropped out of high school and ran away from home. She answered a job ad n a local paper and was lured in by a trafficker.  She was branded (tattooed as property) and exploited for 5 months.  She escaped in October  2003. She fell into further addiction and abusive relationships.  Jessica stepped into recovery in May 2008 and turned her life over to God.

Her trafficker is now serving a life sentence in prison for murder. Her brandings were covered in 2016. Soon after ARI began to reach survivors of not only trafficking but domestic violence, self-harm, addiction, and other forms of trauma and abuse wherever there is a need.

Jessica is a member of the Alliance of Survivor Care and an active volunteer with local non-profits who work with individuals in the sex industry and/ or transitioning out of active addiction.

  Through her story and heart for the hurting, Jessica hopes to be a beacon of hope to those she serves. She is a firm believer in allowing voices of survivors to be heard and no longer silenced.

Outside of ministry/outreach: Jessica is an Atlanta native, who enjoys time with her family. She is the wife of a first responder and she is a new mother.  She is the author of a large food blog, the business owner of TLWB and an art and music enthusiast.

This is a 2007 mug shot of Jessica -she was arrested for violation of a controlled substance. 

         Wife, mother, 10 years sober, saved by amazing grace