“Be the anchor, immovable in the storms of this life”

I feel at peace with myself and I feel strong that I’ve finally gained some stability in life and walking healing. This can serve as a reminder that I am strong.

Artist- Heath @ Mind’s Eye Tattoo


Artist- Jesse Rollins – Iron Clad Ink

Self Harm Cover

Tattoo removal for exploitaiton and gang tattoo.

Thank you so much. I am so excited about this new journey. Words can never express how much this means to me. FRESH START


Dr. Hudes – Hudes Laser Anesthetic

New Journey

Burned by her ex, this survivor received healing through a tattoo cover no longer physically reminder of the abuse she endured by him.


Artist- Jesse R. Iron Clad

Domestic Violence Burn Cover

Struggling through addiction and self harm- my faith and children keep me strong and keep me going and pressing through and forward. Whenever things get difficult, I can look down and see this beautiful cover and it keeps me strong.


Artist- Shane Agape Ink

Son Strength

Thank you ARI for being the catapult of complete healing. Most people don’t understand the psychological affects brandings has on a victim. Its an emotional attachment that constantly reminds you of your bondage  and hopelessness. No matter the distance you have traveled or the amount of healing you have accomplish.  Today is the first day I can look in the mirror and spiritually exhale. This has truly been the happy ending to a horrific tale. God has a way of preparing the way and working out every detail concerning our healing. Thank you for meeting me at this point on the journey


Aritst- Kayla Cupid Slave Tattoo Company

Lotus Bloom

“It will be a new beginning. I’ll no longer have to look at this tattoo that someone picked out and forced on me.”


Artist- Kenny Thompson- Painted Gypsy

New Beginning

I felt God in that tattoo shop. I cant put into words how this cover made me feel. I no longer have to  be worried about people noticing a gang branding on my body but have something that depicts hope and freedom. Thank you!


Cover by Jesse Rollins of Iron Clad Ink

Hope Anchors The Soul

“I feel free from where I was marked as someone’s property.  I no longer have to think about it everyday.  I can finally wear my hair up!  I no longer have to explain to people or make up something about what it was. As I continue through the healing process -this is one more thing I no longer have to feel shame or guilt with.  I just cant say thank you enough. Its changed my life in many ways and how I look at myself. I really cant explain it any more than that.”- T

Artist- Alex Higgins (Painted Gypsy)

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